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New Friends


10th August 2010: Due to the recent acquisition of a Crazy Stalker Person (IRL) who is out to Ruin My Life this journal is now Friends Only, just in case.

Old entries will remain open so you can see what I write like and rant about.

However be warned that, unless I know you from being active in a community that I am active in, I will not be adding any new friends in the coming months. You know, Crazy Stalker Person and all being considered. Unless I happen to think you're amazing, in which case I may. You can always try.
Real Dogs

<3s to my butcher!

I've been getting bones from the butcher in town since he opened up at the start of the year. I'll go in every couple of weeks and he'll give me a big bagful from his bin and some will get used immediately and the rest will be frozen and doled out over the next few of weeks.

I also buy my offal (kidneys and liver) from him and he knows damn fine it's for the dogs as when he offered me pig liver I turned it down saying Sparky was allergic.

Today I go in and he says "Here for bones?" and I say "Yes. And a couple of chicken breasts. Ooh, and those kidneys please." He starts digging around in his bin and then turns to me and says "Oh, are our cut-offs any good to you?"

Hell yeah!

He ended up just emptying his entire bin  into a bag for me. When I got home I sorted it out, bones from cut-offs. There's a good 5lbs of meaty bits in there (I know, I weighed it) as well as all the bones. A lot of it is dried up bits, but the dogs aren't exactly going to care, and there's some bits that are very fatty too but that doesn't particularly matter either, it's not like my dogs are overweight!

<3 my butcher.

I'm also very proud of Sparky. I took him up into town with me and had to leave him in a down-stay outside the butchers as the handy piece of scaffolding I normally tie him to has been removed. He sat up once but lay back down as soon as I glared at him. He held a down-stay for a good few minutes outside a butcher's shop!

Then we headed to Tesco to get some other bits and I tied him up outside there, but the bags of meaty-boney bits next to him and told him to "leave it". And he did. Even though I was completely out of sight in the shop for at least 5 minutes. Brilliant boy.

AND THEN I had 4 shopping bags to carry and no hand free for Sparky so, once we got off the busiest street, I unclipped his lead and just told him to "walk nicely". And he did. There was one point he didn't do his usual automatic-sit at the side of the road but a strange dog was walking towards him and he was concentrating on trying to sniff her whilst standing still rather than on what he was doing. A quick "Oi! Sit!" bought him back to his senses again.

I'm so proud of my little untrainable doggy.


So Estelle, Jon and I headed up into Dundee today to go the the SSPCA centre. Why? Because they have these!

Collapse )

Aren't they just the cutest?

They also had 4 of the cutest bullmastiff puppies (and Mum) who were all feet and ears. However the dog that caught my attention was a little Staffie x BC who was so cute and sonervous. She sat in her cage and barked and barked at me, hackles up but it was very blatantly just a nervous bark. And I sat there and thought to myself "I could take you away from this and make it all better and you'd never have to be scared again."

I was more tempted by her than the pups! Which is saying something.

This thread is full of WIN

Can you turn a major literary work into a limerick?

All due to a wizards request
a hobbit sets off on a quest
He gets in some scrapes
but with the help of his mates
Loses the weight of the ring off his chest.

It actually reminds me of this piss-take, which one of my chemistry mates penned in First year.

Lord of the Benzene Rings

Three rings for the lab techs they sing, underneath the starry sky,
Seven for the post grads in their halls of stone,
Nine for the 1st year lab students, doomed to cry,
One for The Dark Lord on his dark throne,
In the Darkest Lab where the Shadows lie!
Six Hydrogens to rule them all,
Sigma bonds to find them,
Six Carbons to bring them all
And in the test tube bind them!

And if you understand all of that then you're as much of a geek as me!

Night everyone!

A shitty day yesterday

Lets see:
  • Walked all the way to West Sands to remember I can't take the dogs on most of the beach.
  • Jess pulled out of Dog Training with not much notice at all.
  • Andy called me at 5 to 6 and asked if I could work from 8 as he thought it was going to be busy.
  • Only 1 person showed up for training.
  • Allan's re-jigged the rota to compensate for me being off and has put me on to work on Saturday. When I specifically asked for Saturday off so I could start this walk!
  • Jacqui's in a right strop with me and is completely and utterly ignoring me because I dared to suggest that her food may have given me a dodgy tum. Not that I said this to anyone else, understand, just her, Allan and Estelle. But apparently that's unacceptable. It must have been something else that set me off... She's such a child.
  • I wasn't needed at work after all. It was dead quiet. However, rather than call me in at 8 and send me home just 3 hours later Andy sent AJ home and kept me on till finish.
  • Mike says that there's another dog training class earlier on on a Tuesday in the same place as ours...
  • I got home to find the flat lights on, the front door open and Estelle asleep in her bed.
So, yeah. Not a good day.

Good points:
  • Jess bought all 6 of her dogs through to St Andrews so Kota got a lovely long run on the beach with them and Fred the Australian Kelpie instead of having a training class.
  • His recall during the entire thing was a turn-on-the-spot, come charging as fast as possible type affair. I love it! Now if only I could get Sparky to do the same thing.
  • Andy was in a brilliant mood and we had a good laugh all night. ("Abigail! No fighting behind the bar!" "Well get in the kitchen then so I can kick your ass!")
  • I got free sandwiches. Om nom.

I hate summer

As I have an unexpected day off today and I'm feeling fine (yay for random, short-lived dodgy tummy bouts!) I decided to take the dogs down to West Sands. A trip to West Sands is a day-off kind of trip as it's a good 15-20 minutes walk down there, then a 2+ hour run on the beach and then the walk home again.

And so I collect all my doggy stuff together and round up the pooches (Sammie's back for a week again!) and off we go.

And then, just as I'm 5 minutes away from the beach I remember. It's summer. During Summer the dogs are only allowed on half the beach and it's not the half closest to us!


Oh well, seeing as I was there anyway we walked down to the other end of the beach and the dogs had a good run around before getting leashed up and walking back home again. They're now all three sleeping in various places around my sitting room. You know it's been a good walk when your adolescent BC falls asleep 5 minutes after walking in the door!

Dog training tonight. Jess text me earlier to say this was the last week she was going to come through. Says there isn't enough interest for her to keep coming through from Forfar every week. I do kind of understand what she's saying but I think she's not giving it enough time. Puppy Season is just coming up! We had 2 new pups the week before last and I know of at least one who should be coming this week.

I'm going to tell everyone that we'll take a break next week (as I'm away walking) but that things will be back on the week after that, only with me instead of Jess. I like these clases and the people who show up and whilst I don't think I'm quite ready to take on the responsibility myself I don't have much choice! I'll learn as I go. I'm not giving up on becoming a dog-trainer just because Jess isn't going to help any more!
Does Not Approve


When I got to work at 4pm yesterday guess who was sitting at the bar waiting for me?

Yep, that's right. Creepy guy. He had a drink in front of him so I just ignored him and hung out by the kitche talking to Jacqui and Estelle. After a little while another friend of his, a guy I hadn't met before, walked in and they called me over.

"Oh, wow! You're just as beautiful as they said you were!"

At that point Andy finally dcided enough was enough and told them that they'd taken it too far, he wasn't going to stand for it any more and would they please finish their drinks and leave.

He went but came back in later on. Thankfully we were ridiculously busy by that point so I didn't even serve him, he had one drink and left again. I hope he doesn't come back in tonight. Just f*ck off already creepy dude!

In other news we made a normal weeks takings over Friday night and Saturday night. One weeks takings in 2 nights! Horribly, horribly busy.

And in not so nice news my Mum apparently forgot to tell me that she'd had Roly Poly PTS a few weeks ago. And Kernow had another seizure yesterday and went for Mum afterwards and then almost after Jude and his friend too (they were coming down the stairs to see what all the noise was but Mum managed to yell at them to stay up stairs). She's now been confined to a crate until Mum can get the vet out to have her PTS too. It's too risky to leave her loose if she's acting like that. We know it's not her fault but...

My poor babies.
Does Not Approve


I am more than ready for this whole Open thing to be over. Who the hell cares about Golf anyway?

On Thursday night (I was supposed to be day-shift but got changed to night) there was a group of guys who came in for some food later on. I served them, ad a bit of a chat with them and went through several of my slightly flirtatious jokes with them too ("The badge? Oh, it says that if you look under 21 I have to ask you for ID. You look about 25 though so you're OK.") ("Yeah I like it spicy. I quite like my chilly spicy too. ;-)"). All part of the service and the same sort of patter I go through with pretty much everyone who comes in the bar.

Towards the end of the night they all headed out the door, saying they'd be back later. The guy who'd been talking to me most, named Lawrence, stopped on the way out and asked if he could ask me something.

"You know that feeling you get when you want to ask someone if you can kiss them but you're not sure it's a good idea..?"

I just answered with "Yeah, it's not a good idea." and he apologised and left. He came back in after I'd finished work and was sitting having a drink in the corner with Andy and his friends (I was on till quiet) and started mouthing somehting at me. I have no idea what it was and so just ignored him and carried on with what I was doing.

He came back in last night. With just one friend this time. Andy sent me over to serve them and so I walked over and asked "What can I get you?"

"Your phone number!"

Uh, no.

So this carried on for the rest of the night. Everytime I went to serve them or talked to them he was constantly after my phone number or a kiss. I ended up just ignoring them as much as possible.

At the nd of the night I got myself a drink and went and sat down, with my friend John, at the opposite end of the bar from them. AJ came over and asked John if he wanted to go for a smoke. I asked John not to leave and told him why. Just as he was about to go anyway Lawrence's friend came over and introduced himself to John, asking John who he was. Then left again.

John said he really needed a fag so I told him to go, that's I'd be OK. He put his jacket over my shoulders, gave me a big kiss (on the cheek) and left.

Laurence's friend immediately came back over. And tried to convince me to either go over and talk to Laurence or give him my phone number. Said the guy was just going through a divorce and really needed a boost to his confidence and that he'd really taken a liking to me and, and, and...

Yeah, soooo not interested.


They both left then. I told Andy that I was getting a taxi home from the pub. He agreed and said I could share one with him.

Grr. It's people like that who spoil the entire week. I've met some really nice people this week. An old american guy named Barry who has seeing the Open in St Andrews on his "bucket list". The american women, called Kim, who said that Andy's GF wasn't "performing her duties" (she's been coming back in every day and she's just lovely). A journalist guy, whose name I don't actually know, who's been in every day since last week and who's been tipping us about £20 a night*. A group of 5 Aussies who have been in every day and actually managed to drink us out of Best on Thursday night!

But, no, they're all ruined by one obnoxious, creepy guy.

*Actually, last night, he was tipping after every drink, then gave Andy a tenner to put in the tip jar, then left all the change from his pockets on the bar when he left. And, just before he left, he called me over, gave me a hug and squeezed my hand, leaving a fiver in it as he did so. He muttered "That's for your pocket", winked and left. Lovely, lovely guy. He's also been buyin Ali-Bali drinks every night.


1 funny thing.

There was a couple who came into the pub earlier and sat down at the end of the bar. They ordered a drink each and asked if they could put it on a tab, saying they were going to get more stuff. I areed, thinking that more stuff included food (we're not alowed to do drink-only tabs but as long as you buy something to eat it's fine). Time passed and they ordered several more drinks but no food.

Andy came in at 5pm and, a little while later, served this couple. They asked to put the drinks on the tab. Andy noticed that it was a drink-only tab and told me off and demanded that they pay it and pay for their drinks everytime they bought them.

5 minutes later I wandered over to that end of the bar and the woman called me over.

"Hey, Abigail. Can I tell you something?"
"Of course."
"I like you more than Andy He's a bit cranky, isn't he? Can I ask you something personal, does he have a girlfriend?"
"Yeah he does."
"So what gives? Is she not performing her duties or something? Is that what's making him cranky?"
"Haha! Well he has a 6 month old daughter too..."
"Oh, well there you go then! That explains it all!"

LOL. Love customers like that!

[Love you too Andy my darling... *flutters eyelashes*]

2 sad things.

1. One of my regular customers, Stuart, had a heart attack on Friday afternoon. He was taken to the hospital and had a balloon put into his artery. They released him yesterday (amazing what they can do so quickly these days, isn't it?). He was in th pub today. He's... not good. He's quite literally green, his face is all droopy and he looks sad and ill and, I hate to say it, old. Stuart's never looked old before, he's always so full of life. Jacqui was saying she think's he's pretty much given up on life. His wife died a few years ago and he doesn't have any children or family. He has nothing other than his job. And so she thinks he's now just waiting to be able to join his wife again. Poor, poor guy.

2. Hamsteriffic died today. I came home from work to find her lying in her cage and not moving. I got her in January of 2008 and she was 6 months old then, so she's had a very long life fo such a little thing! To be honest, I've been waiting for her to go for the last few months so it's not too much of a surprise. Still sad though. I now have a (very large) empty hamster cage in my sitting room. :(